Saturday, August 2, 2008


New Market in all it’s glory. Cheap trinkets bought and shared. The Sudder street detour. The flavoured biryani.
Someplace else. Empty couches and clean ashtrays. Green Apple vodka and the Wednesday afternoon high.
Honours Lab. Tiffin and a very angry DS. Little snippets of gossip and forgotten lab coats. An even angrier DS.
Moidan metro station and the corn. Missed trains and shopping advice.
Lebu cha and classics. Rai annoyed (you too).

That comforting stretch of grass. A not so normal evening.
And that strange wind which plays with us so often.
To us. And the rest who have felt this wind.


Minko said...

You made my day.:) It's like a rendezvous with the days of yore..the days I never ever hoped to see again.

Devapriya said...

thnx mwah

Minko said...

Actually, I'm going through a damned phase where too many thoughts spoil the entire thing.Need to compartmentalise things a bit, I do.

Yup, am going to the too had a talk with Rai.:)And Suman happens to be my nemesis....


Minko said...

Just read your comment on Suman...honestly, I don't know what to say. Even a word-freak like me, who always try to spin playful rhetorics around, is silent. Honestly.

And the sound of silence can compile the strength of strings no one can ever hum.I hope so.


Revived Angel... said...

Truly nice..its making me thnk of those times whn we wont b in colg to hv nemore feelings of that wind..