Sunday, April 6, 2008


Saw “Masculin Feminin” yesterday night. Godard is as confusing as ever. The movie is something about “the children of Marx and coca cola”.
Not that I didn’t enjoy it. There were slices here and there which I could follow but mostly it went over my head. Was the film preachy? Or am I just being dumb?

I feel like watching a bollywood flick. Singing and dancing and pretty faces and bright costumes. The works. It’s been a long time since I went for a movie like that. With friends and popcorn. Maybe I’ll do it one of these days.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to resist the urge of chopping off my hair. I don’t even need a salon. A pair of scissors from the kitchen cupboard will suffice.
Of course, my mom fails to understand that. Mere suggestions about getting my hair trimmed is enough to fuel heated (one sided) arguments in this house. Oh, those scissors. What a waste.

I have realized the following things about life after eighteen:

# Just eating your cereals and doing your homework doesn’t make you the good kid.
# You run out of convincing excuses, and you’re in trouble.
# Don’t rely on the younger lot to finish the chores, you’re an adult now.
# Your voice for once, is audible at home.
# If you have some really disappointing news (like bad test results or something),
tell your mom when she’s on the phone.
# That scrawny guy next door does have cute eyes.
# The early bird gets the worm is bullshit. Most people are late.
# Money runs out fast.
# Black coffee helps.
# Weed is tempting, but you’re better off without it.

My grandfather passing away, last week’s visit to the crematorium seems ages ago. It didn’t make me sad. Just a weird numbness that spreads through your body and you feel a tad confused, like someone’s knocked the wind out of you.

And then there are the restrictions. I sampled a piece of chicken a few days back. Naturally I had completely forgotten about the no meat rule. A glaring mistake. Shows how callous and insensitive I am. The restrictions are an integral part of the whole process of mourning. There are people watching, you see.

P.S. I have noticed something recently. In most of my entries, I tend to move from one topic to another with no links whatsoever. I should work on making my topics flow. lol.


Rajyashree Sen said...

You are: a discovery.
And you surprise me with a little bit of u everyday.

my world my rules said...
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my world my rules said...

this is RITAMA GUPTA.period!