Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Rest

There is something about air conditioning systems that irks me. It’s like an itch that develops and won’t go away. It is quite disconcerting, actually.
I haven’t been able to figure out what it really is. The consistent humming of the machine or that cold floaty feeling that spreads to the tip of your fingers and makes you feel oh-so-comfortable. Just that, this little rush of cool air makes me acutely aware of the heat outside. And all the men braving it while I sit inside. Isn’t it just so unfair? Like I wimped out?
That’s the itch.
But then again, it holds the same for food, clothes, a roof above my head..all the basic necessities.
Isn’t it unfair that some people have it while the rest just watch with empty tummies?
That’s too many questions left unanswered I guess.

I had pav bhaji after a long time today. I don’t know why but I always enjoy pav bhaji when we are standing on the road all hot and sweaty, balancing the tray, four people digging into a plate of curry with those little disposable spoons and then the tussle over extra pav. That’s a proper pav bhaji treat.
Anyway, today when we stopped for pav bhaji Rai’s malfunctioning wallet finally gave away and a five rupee coin and a one rupee coin rolled into the gutter below. We were all eyeing the gutter apprehensively wondering if we should actually retrieve the coins from that muck when this little girl in soiled knickers comes forward, picks up the coins and promptly hands it over to Rai. This was followed by pleas for alms. Rai obliged and dropped the one buck coin into her outstretched palm. Along comes another urchin in hope of a coin like her mate. Rai, after a moment’s hesitation gave her, the only coin left-the five rupee one.
And this little incident made me realise something. The ones with larger share of the cake are not always the ones who have earnt it. No one is truly responsible for this. And strangely enough, that’s the way our world runs. Atleast, most of it does.
And that’s the reason why some get air conditioning systems and money to buy more of it while the rest…well, I don’t really know.


S said...
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S said...

I am greatly moved by your writings. I would love to read more in the days to come. It doesn't matter if the subjects are not connected. On the other hand, they are indeed connected as they allow me to touch the soul of one person, know her mind and what goes on there, no matter how varied the entries are. Just go on writing, never to stop.